Flange intelligent pressure transmitter
Model:SME225 Price:0 ◆ Suitable for mediums with high viscosity, easily corrosive, high    temperature
◆ Intelligent type with HART communication, operating push-buttons
◆ Measuring range: 0─10kPa~60Mpa
◆ Accuracy: 0.1%
◆ Turndown:100:1
◆ Protection class: IP65
◆ Ex-Proof: intrinsically safe; isolated explosion
◆ Display: LCD indicating(low to - 40℃)
◆ Operating voltage: 12.5~45V(DC)
◆ Output current: 4~20mA(DC)
◆ Process connecting size: DN50/DN80
                                                    plane/convexity flange
◆ Process connecting part and diaphragm material:
         –stainless steel
         –316stainless steel diaphragm covered with PTFE
◆ Filled liquid:        silicone oil:  -40~+130℃
                  High temperature oil: -10~+350℃
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